Sunday, August 23, 2009

What To Do With Your Finished Square

So I made my square, then what?
1. Please put your name on it if you want, and name the square (for example "Tiger" or "My Grandson")

2. If you would like to attach the story of your square (why you made what you made, your hopes for the future, etc) please do that on a piece of paper attached with a stitch or paperclip so it can be removed. We'll include it in this blog with a picture of your square unless you ask us not to.

3. Bring it in person to the action on October 24th (in San Francisco, location, TBA) or mail it to: America Worden PO BOX 781, Sonoma, CA, 95476

4. PLEASE LET US KNOW you're making a square so we can plan for the whole quilt! Email Meri at:

Extra Credit:
To help everyone out, if you have the time and know other people who are participating (and hopefully lots of people you know are!) you could sew (not expertly, just firmly) a few squares to each other before you bring them on the 24th or mail them in. We're going to be making panels that are 8 feet X 8 feet wide (so 8 big squares, or 16 small squares, or some combination of them) to lay out the whole quilt so that people can walk between these panels and see all 350 beloved reasons. I'm going to post diagrams very soon to illustrate, or feel free to email)

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