Friday, May 4, 2012

The quilt has a new home!

Hello friends,
We've created a new home on the web for the 350 Reasons quilt. You can read all about the quilt, and see the gallery of squares (in progress) here:

A few panels of the quilt are currently on display at the Seed Bank in Petaluma to raise awareness about the 350 Garden Challenge happening in Sonoma County May 12-13th. Daily Acts is registering 2012 actions to plant food, save water, and create community. Sign up your garden:

The quilt is also still growing! It has over 200 squares now, from all over  the world. Please consider making one if you have already, and visit for other actions to solve the climate crises.

If you'd like the quilt displayed in your community, please contact me. I also enjoy hearing about what you're doing in your communities and if the quilt has inspired you in some way.

America Worden

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