Monday, September 21, 2009

exciting news

Hi Everyone!
There have been a bunch of new moments in this project these last few days! For one thing, people have been generously donating fabric for the quilt, which is wonderful. We'll also be at Bill McKibben's talk at Sonoma Country Day school on Oct 2nd with a few of the quilt panels and materials for people to make squares or be inspired to make squares there. Tickets for that event can be purchased on line here:  I'm also talking to the youth summit organizers at the Bioneers conference and it looks like the 350 Reasons Quilt is going to be part of their activities, where many people will be able to see and know about the quilt. We've also had a bunch of new possible school classes wanting to make squares. The quilt is growing!

We still need lots of help! We're no where near 350 squares. If anyone has extra sheets or fabric they don't want, please let me know! And even more importantly, if any of you can have a square-making gathering and make squares to send us, please do! Most importantly of all, please tell everyone you can think of about 350 and Oct 24th!

Thanks for all of your beautiful work!

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