Monday, September 28, 2009

Here come the squares!

Hi friends! 

Here are some of the squares, to inspire you and give you ideas for your own. Lia's square "Polar bears and a waterfall" is made by glueing fabric and metallic stars onto a piece of an old white sheet (with fabric "tacky" glue) and drawing with T-shirt pens. Adam's square "Sea meeting land" is pne of his photos transferred to canvas and glued to a black background fabric. Jon's square "Gecko for Annie" is made with fabric cut-outs glued onto a fabric background-- all of our fabric has been salvaged or donated! Will's square "Winter in Crestone" is drawn in permanent marker on an old sheet, and then painted with fabric paints. You can see more of the squares being laid out on our living room floor in the other picture. The one I'm laying down is a gorgeous, traditionally quilted piece from Sandy, in Bolinas, CA, of the plight of the Kuna people in Panama, and the orange one in front of that was mailed to us from Mississippi by Aidan, who, at three, is the third youngest artist with a square in the 350 Reasons quilt! To make your own square, please see the post "How to make a square" and let me know you're making one: so I can add you to our list!

We have lots more beautiful squares. I'll post them one by one....
Thanks for your participation!

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