Monday, October 5, 2009

19 days to go!

Hi Everyone!

We have 19 days to go, which means two more weekends that you all can make your squares and still get them mailed in to America Worden PO BOX 781 Sonoma, CA, 95476. Get making them!!!

Here is a picture of last minute setting up for the lecture Bill McKibben gave at Sonoma Country Day school in Santa Rosa last Friday. It was so exciting and inspiring to hear about all of the amazing actions happening around the world Oct 24th. I'm feeling so grateful to be making the quilt and be part of the whole thing! Even more inspiring were the stories of why we're doing this-- glaciers at the headwaters of the world's great rivers melting, the spread of diseases born by mosquitos into places that have warmed up, and of course, the bark beetle damage here in our boreal forests. We have so much to work for!!!

You can see in the picture the big 3, the first of three center panels for the quilt, and one of the panels of everyone's squares. I'm on pins and needles (it's like my birthday for a month!) waiting for the squares to really start pouring in. Friday we got two more-- one from my aunt of the forest and water and her sewing machine, and one from Harmony at Harmony Arts who designed a piece of organic cotton fabric for the quilt (how cool is that?!) Harmony has also donated some beautiful fabric to us as have Grace in Sonoma and Violet in Santa Rosa-- we're using it all for youth at various schools and conferences coming up these last weeks to make squares. Thanks you ladies!

I also wanted to showcase the gorgeous square made by Sandy in Bolinas. This is the story of her square: " As the planet is in a state of transition caused and called by humans Global Warming, most of Earth's inhabitants are held in our hands by the choices we make on how we live here. One group of indigenous people the Kuna live on islands only a few inches above the sea level, in a country that has gone under water before. They are the caretakers of a priceless land called Kuna Yala in Panama. I try to walk lightly for their survival and all those who have always cared for the Earth and her infinite beauty." 

Please send your stories in, too! We're going to make little cards to pin on your squares in Spanish and English for the park!

Can't wait to see your square!!!


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