Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Its craziness around here!

Hello friends!

The whole living room here on the farm is covered with squares and panels! In the last few days we have received so many squares that my attempts at counting have been undermined by the priority of getting them all laid out and sewn together. The 350 Reasons quilt is looking beautiful! I think we have somewhere near 200 squares arriving or arrived now, with many people bringing their contributions to Dolores Park on Saturday to sewn them in there. 

This week, we've received a bunch of squares form children, most of them drawn with markers, and they are the best reason of all the reasons-- their pictures of Earth, surrounded by their handprints and hearts seem to be a theme and it open me up wider and wider to see them.

Hopefully many of you reading will be able to make it to the action this weekend. We'll be at Dolores Park from 9- 2:30 and then we're moving the quilt to Justin Herman Plaza where it will be part of the giant gathering of 350 actions there from 3-5.

After the 24th, we'll keep sewing in squares until we get 350, so please think of something you love about life and make a square if you haven't already. I will be traveling with the quilt to different schools and communities around the Bay to share about the stories in the quilt and our atmosphere, so if you know of anywhere that might be good place for that, let me know!

Three days left until the big day and it's going to be enormous-- there will be over 4000 actions in 170 countries, so make sure to go to one nearby to you. You can find all of them with an interactive map at:

Best to all of you in these last few days!

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