Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oct 24th, 2009

What an amazing day!
It was amazing to watch the sunrise this morning (while we were frantically packing stacks of folded quilt panels, flags, and posters) and know that it had been greeted in New Zealand many hours before by banners and prayers for this day.... 4500 action, in 179 countries... the images are incredible: They come not a day too soon. Congress starts debating the US's stance for Copenhagen and the Climate this Tuesday. Make sure they know you support 350!!!

Dolores Park this morning was sunny and beautiful, and many people stopped by to see the 11 giant panels stretched out on the hill. While we were there, another panel was sewn by hand, so we had 12 for the big rally at Justin Herman Plaza. I'm too tired to describe the whole day, but look for the story tomorrow. Here's our picture behind a polar bear and a little girl, in the Chronicle:

I haven't counted, but we have somewhere around 180 squares now, and many more on the way! We'll keep collecting them until we get to 350 (so make one if you haven't). I'll be taking the quilt to schools and community groups to talk about the atmosphere, global warming, and the stories of the quilt. f you'd like the quilt to visit your community, please be in touch!

Love and gratitude for everything that everyone has done for the quilt, and for this day!

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